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About us

The packaging waste mountain has always been an eyesore to designer Jaap Elzas.

Why does everything need to be packed in plastic, paper or cardboard?

Jaap wondered: Could the packaging be the product?

Inspired by this idea, he set to work. The result is the Packlamp.

You just turn the packaging inside out to transform it into a lamp!

That means less clutter at home, and less waste. It’s that simple.

Jaap Elzas has 40 years’ experience as a designer in product development, exhibition design and bespoke signage. Clients of his studio include the Dutch national bank DNB, the House of Representatives and Schiphol Airport. Jaap has also worked as an independent product designer throughout his career. Two of his previous lamp designs are in the collections of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York.

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